Like individuals, every vehicle model is different. The one who knows the vehicle the best is the manufacturer. As such, each manufacturer offers valuable insight and guidance as to how you can protect your investment. 

This guidance is called factory-scheduled maintenance. It’s also called regularly-scheduled maintenance and manufacturer-suggested maintenance. You must follow it to protect your vehicle and wallet. 

Let’s look at why following the factory scheduled maintenance makes dollars and sense. And if you need expert car maintenance in Dayton, NJ, don’t hesitate to contact the mechanics at EG Auto Center.

A Closer Look at Factory Scheduled Car Maintenance in Dayton, NJ

Factory scheduled car maintenance is a list of key car service items the manufacturer suggests you have completed at specific intervals. Examples of factory-scheduled maintenance include:

  • 15,000-mile factory scheduled car maintenance
  • 30,000-mile factory scheduled car maintenance
  • 60,000-mile factory scheduled car maintenance
  • 90,000-mile factory scheduled car maintenance

Understand that intervals and maintenance items can vary based on the manufacturer and model. As such, it’s best to refer to your owner’s manual for specifics on suggested car maintenance.

What Service Items Are Included in Factory-Scheduled Maintenance?

Each interval will include basic maintenance items, such as:

In addition, each interval will have more detailed services and inspections, such as:

The manufacturer establishes these key guidelines to ensure you enjoy the best possible performance under normal driving conditions in Dayton, NJ.,

Why Following the Factory Scheduled Maintenance Matters

When it comes to factory-scheduled maintenance, an ounce of prevention is worth several pounds of cure. In other words, it’s exponentially more cost-effective to replace and service key components before they wear out to dangerous levels. In doing so, you can prevent more expensive repairs.

For example, failing to replace brake pads as suggested by the manufacturer could cause worn brake pads to compromise your safety and damage the entire brake system. In this example, failing to follow the factory-scheduled maintenance plan could result in several thousands of dollars in repairs.

Following the Car Maintenance Schedule Makes Dollars and Sense

As you can see from the previous example, failing to follow the factory scheduled maintenance can be costly and dangerous. However, that is only the beginning.

Don’t Void Your Warranty

If your vehicle is under warranty, you must follow the factory-maintenance schedule to keep it valid. If you fail to follow the car maintenance schedule, you may be required to pay for all repairs out-of-pocket. This is even if the mechanical failure isn’t related to the neglected maintenance item.

Prevent Smaller Issues from Becoming Big Problems

Car maintenance is designed to replace key components and parts before they wear out and reach dangerous levels. As such, following your car maintenance schedule can help prevent minor issues from turning into massive repair bills.

Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

Your vehicle represents the second largest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. Regularly scheduled car maintenance can help extend the life of your vehicle, optimize efficiency, and give you years of trouble-free driving.

Bolster Resale Value

Well-kept vehicles are more valuable to car buyers. And when you keep up with the regularly scheduled maintenance, you can boost the resale value of your vehicle.

Contact EG Auto Center to Save Time & Money on Factory Scheduled Maintenance in Dayton, NJ

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to take your vehicle to the dealership for factory-scheduled maintenance. 

As the best mechanic and auto repair center in Dayton, NJ, EG Auto Center can complete all factory-scheduled maintenance services to perfection. We only hire the best and most talented ASE-Certified mechanics trained to perform factory-scheduled maintenance services without voiding your warranty.

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