Things can get pretty warm in New Jersey. The temperatures can range from 90 to 105 degrees F. While these temperatures are nothing to scoff at, temperatures under your vehicle’s hood can be over twice as much, averaging 195 and 220 degrees. These extreme temperatures can expedite wear and tear if left unattended, culminating in engine failure. 

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to protect your vehicle and your wallet this summer. And the team at EG Auto Center in Dayton, NJ can help. Let’s explore the top ways to keep your vehicle cool this summer in Dayton, NJ.

Service Your Coolant Regularly

Just as your oil reduces friction and wear and tear, coolant or anti-freeze protects and keeps your engine within a safe operating range. 

Coolant is a heat transfer fluid that absorbs heat from your engine and prevents the engine water from boiling in the summer. It also helps prevent plastic and rubber parts from corroding and metal parts from rusting. Without coolant, the heat from your engine would cause severe engine damage or ruin it entirely.

However, over time, coolant will naturally lose the ability to perform, building up rust and scale deposits. When this occurs, it’s imperative to have a coolant flush. It’s a fundamental cooling system service that removes rust, dirt, and sludge from your cooling system. 

It’s vital to have a coolant flush every three to five years or as the manufacturer suggests. At the same time, having a coolant flush will extend the life of your water pump and clean the cooling system. Simply put, a coolant flush is a critical fluid service that protects your engine and several other parts.

Inspect the Radiator and Cooling System

Another benefit of coolant fluid services is that they will include inspecting your entire cooling system. Your cooling system comprises several parts and components, such as the radiator, thermostat, hoses, and belt. 

During the inspection, our technician at EG Auto will carefully check the various components for leaks and signs of other problems. By having a cooling system inspection, we can often detect minor issues before it snowballs into a more expensive repair. 

For example, if a leaky hose is caught early via an inspection, it can simply be replaced. If a leaking hose goes undetected, it can drain your cooling system of coolant and cause more expensive radiator repair, engine repair, or complete engine failure.

Schedule AC Repair and Service

Your car’s AC system keeps the inside of your vehicle cool and comfortable as you drive. If it’s not working, it may stop blowing cool air from the vents, which may mean the compressor isn’t engaging. Many underlying issues, such as a leak in your system, a defective compressor, or low refrigerant levels, can cause a faulty compressor.

In either case, if you need AC repair and service, it’s vital to have it as soon as possible. To prevent more expensive AC repair and service, you must have the system inspected regularly.

Inspect and Replace the Battery As Required

Summer can be rough on every part in your vehicle, especially the battery. Specifically, higher temperatures can cause your battery to overheat and fail. This could result in you being stranded in the heat. 

To prevent this from occurring, make sure to pay attention to signs of a failing battery, which can include:

  • Battery dashboard warning indicator
  • Dim headlights
  • Slow cranking engine
  • Malfunctioning accessories
  • A bulging battery
  • Excessive signs of corrosion
  • A rotten egg smell

Keep Your Interior As Cool As Possible

In addition to the previously mentioned tips, you can use the following best practices to reduce heat buildup on the interior of your vehicle:

  • Use a windshield sunshade to block the sun’s rays.
  • Choose to park in the shade when you can.
  • Use seat covers manufactured from cotton, mesh, or other breathable materials.
  • Prevent your interior from becoming too hot by leaving your windows slightly cracked.
  • Consider tinting your windows to filter out some of the sun’s rays.

Contact EG Auto Center for Cooling System ServicesCoolant FlushRadiator Repair, and More

If you want to keep your vehicle cool in the hottest months, it starts and ends with proactive preventative maintenance. And the team at EG Auto Center in Dayton, NJ can help. 

Contact us today for a coolant flush, fluid services, radiator repair, AC service, and other activities to help cool your vehicle! Call us at (732) 329-6300 or stop by our auto repair shop at 2276 US Hwy 130, Dayton, NJ 08810.

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