Your fleet represents a significant investment, whether you have one vehicle or a hundred. Depending on your industry and business, your vehicles may be your key source of income and revenue. It only makes sense to have regular fleet maintenance and service in Dayton, NJ. 

Fortunately, the fleet maintenance mechanics at EG Auto Center can help. We are a family-owned auto repair center in Dayton, NJ, offering many different fleet maintenance and repair solutions. 

Let’s look at how regular automotive maintenance in Dayton, NJ can save your business time and money.

1. Reduce Overall Maintenance Costs

It may seem counterintuitive, but regular fleet maintenance and fleet service can save your business money. Our mechanics will repair and replace components before they break down. And regular preventative maintenance is much less expensive than emergency, reactive fleet repair.

For instance, you know it’s important to have oil changes before your check engine light comes on. If you wait too long to have an oil change, it can cause other components to experience undue wear and tear. 

Simply put, having regular fleet maintenance and fleet service (such as an oil change) is much less expensive than replacing your engine or having major engine repairs.

2. Help Keep Fuel Costs Low

Depending on the number of vehicles in your fleet, your fuel costs can represent a major expense, especially with the rising fuel costs nationwide. It’s important then to take every necessary step to optimize the fuel efficiency of your fleet. And having regular fleet maintenance and fleet service can help you do just that. 

Did you know that regular fleet service in Dayton, NJ (such as wheel and tire maintenance) can help bolster your miles per gallon? You can improve your fuel efficiency by as much as 40% with regular fleet maintenance.

3. Drive Profits

Missed service calls are never a good thing. But if the vehicles in your fleet are not well maintained, missed service calls may occur much more often than anyone desires. 

This can cause you to lose valuable business. For example, if a pest control company can’t show up on time, customers will eventually find a provider who can. 

Customers expect you to be reliable and prompt regardless of the services or goods your business offers. Regular fleet maintenance and fleet service can help your drivers meet this expectation.

Contact EG Auto Center for Fleet Repair & Fleet Service in Dayton, NJ

Fleet maintenance is the cornerstone of any successful business that relies on vehicles to generate profits. However, even when you have regular fleet maintenance and service suggested by the manufacturer, your vehicles will eventually need fleet repair. 

Fortunately, EG Auto Center in Dayton, NJ offers a full range of fleet service and repair solutions for all makes and models. We can create a comprehensive schedule to ensure your vehicles are well maintained and performing as reliably as you and your customers expect.

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