Winter brings punishing conditions for vehicles of all kinds in Dayton, NJ. Your car must deal with freezing temperatures, snow, sleet, and ice. You must have your vehicle’s cooling system up to the challenge to make it through such conditions.

Yes, we said cooling system. In the winter, your car’s cooling system—the radiator, coolant, and other key components—keeps your engine running at the right temperature. The system also prevents your engine from freezing.

With such things in mind, here are the cooling system services you should perform in Dayton, NJ before the freezing conditions set in.

1. Check Your Coolant Level

One of the top services you should have is checking whether your car still has the right amount of coolant. The coolant contains antifreeze to keep your engine components from freezing when the mercury drops. 

You should check your car’s coolant reservoir with indicator lines on the side. You’re good to go if it’s filled up to the marker. If not, you’ll need to top it off. 

If you aren’t comfortable doing so or don’t know which coolant to add, EG Auto Center offers car cooling system services in Dayton, NJ for virtually all makes and models.

2. Look For Coolant Leaks

It would be best to look for telltale signs of leaks before the outside temperature gets too low. It’s easier to do than you might think. That’s because most brands of coolant sport bright green or pink coloring to help people identify the leaking fluid. 

If you notice a brightly-colored liquid beneath your engine or along the radiator’s hoses, you got a leak. In any case, EG Auto Center offers a host of different cooling system services to remedy such leaks.

3. Examine Your Belts and Hoses

Engine coolant is critical to your engine’s operation, but it’s not the only thing that matters. So does the network of pumps, pulleys, and hoses that move the coolant around your engine. 

That’s why you should check all hoses and belts for signs of wear. Since they’re rubber components, look for signs of drying or cracking that may indicate an impending failure.

4. Get a Cooling System Inspection

The best way to prepare your car’s cooling system for winter is to bring it to the team here at EG Auto Center. We offer complete car cooling system services to prepare your engine for anything the winter can throw at it. 

We’ll perform a coolant fluid exchange if you need one. When you pull your car out of our shop, you’ll know your car will have what it takes to make it safely to spring and beyond.

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