As the only part of your vehicle that contacts the road, your tires have an unparalleled level of importance. Because of this, it makes dollars and sense to ensure your tires are in good working order and safe. However, not all tires are created equally, especially when driving in the snowy winter climate in Dayton, NJ. At EG Auto Center, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether drivers should use all-season tires or winter tires. In short, the answer is both. While all-season tires may be fine for part of the year, it’s best to opt for reliable winter tires before snow begins to fall. Let’s take a closer look at when and why you should choose winter tires in Dayton, NJ.

What’s the Difference Between All-Season Tires vs. Winter Tires?

All-season tires are uniquely designed to provide a quiet, smooth ride in most conditions. The majority of all-season tires will perform well on bare pavement and in the rain year-round. While a good set of all-season tires can provide you with a level of traction in the occasional snowstorm or light snow, these tires are simply not designed for the deep snow, cold weather, and ice we regularly experience during winter in Dayton, NJ.

Instead, the best tires for this type of environment are snow or winter tires. These tires are specially formulated to deliver excellent traction and superior performance when driving in slush, ice, and snow. Winter tires feature a unique tread compound that stays flexible and softer in frigid temperatures. Because they can remain supple and soft, winter tires offer drivers a range of benefits when temperatures drop below 45° F:

  • Improved handling on snow and ice
  • Bolstered traction for driving on snowy or icy roads
  • More control for winter driving

At the same time, the deliberate biting edges on wide, deep, jagged tread snow tires can help you maintain traction and control in the harshest conditions. And if your winter tires have studs, they can add an extra level of traction for managing icy roads.

Winter Tires Offer Special Features for Winter Driving

As mentioned previously, winter tires have unique features designed to help you handle winter conditions in Dayton, NJ. Some of the key elements that winter tires offer include:

  1. Specially-formulated tread rubber remains flexible for superior gripping of the road.
  2. Unique tread patterns are designed to expel water while safely channeling snow and slush.
  3. Deeper tread depths are designed to reduce snow buildup and deliver superior traction on snowy roads.
  4. Biting edges and high sipe densities include thousands of tiny tread slits designed to help you gain traction on ice.

Winter Tires Offer Better Performance on Snowy and Icy Roads

Your ability to maintain control and stop is imperative on icy or snowy roads. And winter tires are uniquely designed to help you do just that. According to an independent test by, winter tires achieved a masterful 33% improvement in acceleration compared to all-season tires.

In addition, winter tires stopped a remarkable 30 ft shorter than all-season tires on an icy road. In any case, your ability to stop 30 ft sooner could be the difference between you safely bringing your vehicle to a halt vs. being in a fender bender or a more severe accident. Simply put, winter tires in Dayton, NJ, aren’t just a nice-to-have — they are essential.

Contact EG Auto Center for Winter Tires in Dayton, NJ

Don’t place yourself and your family’s safety at risk in an attempt to make do with all-season tires. The best solution is to opt for specially-formulated winter tires in Dayton, NJ, during the winter. And the experienced tire mechanic at EG Auto Center will match you, your vehicle, and your budget with the best winter tires. As the leading auto repair facility in the Dayton, NJ area, we proudly offer maintenance and repair solutions for all makes and models.

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