Your car’s timing belt is one of your engine’s most critical parts. By that, we mean that your engine could destroy itself if the timing belt fails. At best, that’ll leave you stranded near your home. At worst, it’ll leave you far from home on an unfamiliar road without anyone nearby to help you. 

The good news is if you learn to spot some common warning signs, you can bring your car for a timely timing belt replacement before it’s too late. Let’s look at some common signs of needing a timing belt replacement.

1. Illuminated Check Engine Light

If you’re lucky, your car’s onboard computer will notice something’s up with your timing belt before you feel any difference in your car. When that happens, the check engine light on your dashboard will light up or illuminate. 

If you see this, don’t ignore it! Bring your vehicle to EG Auto Center in Dayton, NJ, and we’ll run a diagnostic test to determine what’s happening. If all signs point to a problematic timing belt, we’ll let you know you need to fix it immediately.

2. Difficulty Starting Your Vehicle

Since your timing belt synchronizes the moving parts of your engine, a timing belt on the verge of failure could make your engine feel slightly off. One of the first signs of this is if you’re having trouble starting your car. It happens because the timing of the engine’s combustion cycle is incorrect, leading to a rougher or lengthier start.

3. Smoke After Starting Your Vehicle

When a timing belt nears the point of failure, it will alter your engine’s fuel/air mixture. It will prevent your engine from fully burning the fuel fed to it. That fuel will then pass through your exhaust system, resulting in smoke from your tailpipe. 

If you ignore this symptom for too long, the condition can destroy your car’s catalytic converter. Then you’ll need two pricey repairs instead of just one.

4. Engine Misfires

Another common sign your timing belt is about to fail is a misfiring engine. If you’ve never seen or felt one before, it isn’t a pleasant driving experience. 

When your engine misfires, it’ll feel like you’ve suddenly lost power for a brief moment. Some people describe it as the engine stumbling or feeling rough. However you tell it, a misfiring engine means you should immediately visit the experts at EG Auto Center.

Contact EG Auto Center for Timing Belt Replacements in Dayton, NJ

If you notice your vehicle displaying any of the symptoms above, there’s a chance you might need a new timing belt. It’s also a good idea to replace your car’s timing belt according to its manufacturer’s suggestions. Some vehicles require new timing belts at 50,000 miles; others might go for double that distance before needing a new one. 

Either way, the expert mechanics here at EG Auto Center can help. We’ll help you detect and correct timing belt issues before they do irreparable harm to your engine. We’ll also help you stay on top of your other maintenance needs to keep your vehicle running well throughout its lifetime.

Contact EG Auto Center today by completing our online form, calling us at (732) 329-6300, or stopping by our shop at 2276 US HWY 130, Dayton, NJ 08810.

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