Brakes play an all-important role in the safe operation of your car. And it’s no stretch to say that brakes are one of the few systems you can’t afford to fail while driving.

Sadly, many car owners lack basic knowledge about brake repair. This leaves people at the mercy of a mechanic when something goes awry.

At EG Auto Center in Dayton, NJ, we are proud to take a proactive approach to educate our customers. In addition to providing world-class automotive repair solutions, we like our customers to understand what we’re doing (and why) when they visit us. 

We’ve listed three key things you should know about brake repair and service.

1. Brake Pads Aren’t the Only Important Part.

The most common type of brake service is brake pad replacement. Why? It’s because they’re the main consumable part of a brake system. Every time you step on your brakes, friction wears down brake pads until they require replacement. 

But your brake system also requires brake fluid to function and brake shoes to hold the pads in place, among other things. Thus, every brake component needs regular maintenance to keep working well. This highlights why it’s so imperative to have regular brake inspections and brake maintenance.

2. Most Car Brake Repairs Won’t Require a Wheel Alignment.

One of the most common brake-related questions we get has to do with wheel alignment. Many people wrongly believe that wheel alignment must always follow brake repair. 

The truth is that’s rarely the case. More often than not, your suspension or steering system is the component that necessitates wheel alignment. 

If you have a mechanic insisting you need an alignment after brake service, be skeptical. Instead, bring your car to EG Auto Center for a second opinion. 

3. Vibrations When Braking Often Point To Rotor Problems.

At EG Auto Center, we see vehicles coming in because their owners feel a vibration in the steering wheel when they brake. And many believe the problem lies with their brake pads. 

More often than not, the vibrations happen because the rotors have warped or worn unevenly. When that happens, the brake pads won’t apply even pressure when braking, leading to vibrations. 

The solution is typically to resurface the rotors. But a warped rotor typically leads to premature brake pad wear, meaning they will often need replacement at the same time.

Contact EG Auto Center for Brake Repair in Dayton, NJ

Your car’s brake system is a complex piece of engineering. While it’s built to withstand the punishment of continual use, it can’t go forever without maintenance. Fortunately, the experts at EG Auto Center offer a full range of brake maintenance and repair solutions for virtually all makes and models.

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